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A Jury of One's Fears

Gwen Hubbard thought working for an old-school gumshoe detective might be fun, and a way to make ends meet as she tries to heal from two abusive marriages.  She is disappointed that the job turns out to be mostly routine except for the perk of a handsome widower with an office in the same building.  When Gwen hears of the death of a casual friend from her Support Group in an alcohol-related car accident, new-found detective instincts kick into gear.  No one will believe her at first but she knows in her gut that it wasn't an accident at all.  


As a series of murders of former abused wives unfolds, she pulls her boss and her new romance into a fast-paced quest for the truth.  Time is running out for more than one of the potential victims, and she's not sure they can save them all.


Vestiges of Me

Vestiges Of Me is a beautiful book woven of poetry and memory, the story of a girl whose heart was broken by the early death of her beloved father, a girl who was afraid to speak for a long, long time to come.

-Mary Pierce Brosmer

Book no.1
Book no.2
Book no.3
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